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The finish options here are only available for order when buying an unfinished instrument body from this collection on Kindly allow an additional 3-5 days to accomodate the finishing process.

Get your new GreyTempest instrument body professionally finished with any of the finish options found here for only an additional $170*.

Showroom-quality finished in Polyurethane that is durable and UV-resistant to withstand the most punishing of gigging and touring conditions.

Each body will be checked and hand-buffed to a flawless shine before being shipped out to you!

So get your new order in for less than half of the waiting time and cost as compared to making an order from the U.S.

At less than $350 for a finished body, this is the best deal that you can get in Singapore.

So you can stop rattling that can of Pylox and have peace of mind with GreyTempest Custom Shop.


*White Pearl option is a premium finish at $250.